Resident questions Post Office service delivery

EDITOR – I read your local Bedfordview and Edenvale News publication and I am writing to you to ask whether you have recently explored the quality of the postal service in our area.

Mark Barnes was appointed some years ago to rejuvenate the Post Office but all I have experienced is an ongoing deteriorating service.

I receive mail to my box in Bedfordview and to my residential address in Bedford Park.

I am a Time Magazine subscriber, which as you know is a weekly periodical, which is mailed to my residential address.

The last delivery I received was for the issue dated May 21.

There are thus five issues since then that have not been delivered.

Fortunately, I do receive the digital edition but I am paying Time for both the print and digital editions.

I also know that a legal document was posted to me via airmail from the United States on April 20, addressed to my mailbox.

I have not received this letter.

It appears that while the Post Office seems to be trying to build its future on the delivery of social grants and banking, the basic foundation, being its postal delivery service, is being neglected and allowed to disintegrate.

I am curious as to whether you have any insight into this, or whether we have all become accepting of the fact that we will soon have no postal service at all.

Stuart Wood.

EDITOR’S COMMENT – A request for comment was sent to the South African Post Office on June 21 at 10am.

At the time of going to print no comment was received.

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