Winged friends visit the community

EDITOR – I wonder if readers have noticed parrots in the trees of the local parks and our own gardens.

I saw the first parrots back in 2013 and thought it to be nothing more than escaped birds.

Having been feeding garden birds for many years, I was pleasantly surprised when a mating pair of green Indian ringneck parrots came to my garden in 2015.

The blue parrot which was recently spotted by community member Bruce Watts.

In 2016 the parrots’ numbers increased to six birds and in 2017 to 12.

Today there are 15 ringnecks and a blue coloured parrot in the area.

The cost of feeding them and the common birds with peanuts and sunflower seeds, has increased to probably R500 per month.

I am sure you can agree it is money well spent.

Bruce Watts,


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