Fire in Morninghill raises questions

The Bedfordview Fire Station attended to a fire on June 28 that resulted in a mountain fire in Fouche Terrace Street in Morninghill.

Ward 20 Clr Jill Humphreys said that people are deliberately setting fires in Morninghill.

“I am not sure why the fire occurred, but I believe it to be a cultural group, due to flames being in a circle.

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Media liaison for Disaster and Emergency Management Services (DEMS) William Ntladi has since commented that the cause of the fire is unknown.

“It is most likely people who are doing rituals. EMPD has been called to the area numerous times due to residents hearing loud chanting and drums,” said Humphreys.

“I am concerned that this is damaging the area and affects the bio-diversity.”

Ntladi said that firefighters from Bedfordview Fire Station responded promptly to the fire in Fouche Terrace Street.

This came after the contact centre received a call from the call centre.

William said that the crew arrived to find a veld fire burning close to the base of the mountain.

“Flames were very high due to dry vegetation influenced and blowing winds,” said Ntladi.

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He said that firefighters used grass beaters to contain the blaze and created fire breaks to help contain the fire.

“The fire was ultimately extinguished and crews returned to the station around 9pm. The cause is unknown,” said Ntladi.

A request for feedback was sent to EMPD on July 3.

At the time of going to print, no response had been received.

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