Licensing Department troubles

EDITOR – I was wondering if anybody had the same experience at Bedfordview Licensing Department.

My son went there today to renew his driver’s licence.

He stays with us, so he took proof of residence along with a sworn affidavit.

He was told that they do not accept sworn affidavits, and he needs to bring proof of residence with his own name on it.

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I have been at the Bedfordview Licensing Department with proof of residence and a sworn affidavit from my husband, stating that I reside with him.

They accepted the sworn affidavit without any issues.

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What is the issue now, and what is the use of a sworn affidavit then? I honestly think this is unacceptable.

As it is, people are standing in those queues for hours, only to be told such nonsense.

I would appreciate it if someone can investigate this matter, please?

Suelanie Campher.

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