Jeppe Girls help 67 Blankets set new world record

Eighteen Jeppe High School for Girls learners and two staff members attended the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Guinness World Record attempt for the longest crocheted scarf.

The event was held at the Nelson Mandela Capture Site in Howick on July 28.

The girls assisted with assembling the scarf at the capture site. They were tasked with sewing ends together and making the rows straight.

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The girls worked in a team with members of the 67 Blankets.

Carole Heming said the girls experienced challenges during preparation.

Carolyn Steyn, founder of 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela and a Jeppe Old Girl, is flanked by Hannah James and Esca Ndonga at the Nelson Mandela Capture Site.

“They battled with the wind as it lifted and tangled scarves that had already been laid out. They had come up with a solution to keep the scarves in place.

“After long hours of frustration, dedication and perspiration, work stopped at 5pm. They were only halfway towards meeting their goal,” said Heming.

The results were announced on July 30.

The final scarf measured 29.17km, breaking the record for the world’s longest scarf of 14km by India.

67 Blankets’ target was 27km, representing the number of years Mandela spent in prison.

“The Jeppe family crocheted almost 3 000 scarves for the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Guinness World Record attempt. We contributed about one-seventh of the total number of scarves made,” said Heming.

Carolyn Steyn, founder of 67 Blankets, said she is proud of Jeppe Girls.

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“As an old Jeppe Girl, I’m proud to have received the support from the girls. Jeppe girls rock,” said Steyn.

The Grade 12 learners brought in 739 scarves, followed by 682 by Grade Eight learners and 547 by Grade Nine learners.

“After the exciting weekend, we are more than pleased to have witnessed and contributed to such a magnificent project. We can proudly say we did not only reach the goal for the record – we exceeded it,” said Jeppe girl Tshaamano Mabuba, one of the Grade Nine learners who attended the event in Howick.

Three thousand scarves will be returned to the school for distribution to those in need.

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