Edenvale’s Agnes collects enough bottle tops to make third wheelchair donation

As we watch our favourite actors at the cinema or at home, many of us fantasise about being a superhero.

Some might even consider donning a pair of tights and taking to the world to help those in need.

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But what we often overlook is the fact that we don’t need the tights to make a difference in somebody’s life.

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A 60-year-old woman, Agnes Zikhaw, recently proved this when she donated a wheelchair to Little Eden Society.

An emotional Agnes Zikhaw spoke to the NEWS about why she decided to collect plastic bottle tops and help Little Eden Society.

Agnes, an Edenvale domestic worker, made the donation on August 2 after she collected 485kg of plastic bottle tops.

This was the third wheelchair Agnes donated to the society.

“To some people, the bottle tops may look like rubbish but I see them as a way to help others,” she said.

In 2015 Agnes and her employer, Noeleen Davel, collected 300kg of bottle tops and donated two wheelchairs.

“I enjoy helping those in need or those who can’t help themselves,” said Agnes.

“I look forward to bring happiness to other people.”

Agnes collected the bottle tops needed for the third wheelchair over the period of two years.

She said she wanted to continue the idea started by Noeleen and just started collecting again.

Agnes visited landfills and walked along rivers to find the bottle tops.

“It was difficult this time as I would look for the bottle tops after work or on the weekend.”

In addition to looking for the bottle tops herself, Agnes sought assistance from other community members, friends and recyclers.

“I asked recyclers to help me with the project but they wanted money in return,” said Agnes.

“I paid them R50 and they helped me collect the bottle tops.”

Agnes Zikhaw recently donated a wheelchair to Little Eden Society after she collected 485kg of plastic bottle tops.

Agnes said the older women from Edenvale were very excited and enthusiastic to help her.

She said they always phoned to tell her they had more bottle tops for her.

Noeleen said her back garden was filled with hundreds of bottle tops.

After Agnes had collected the bottle tops she and Noeleen took them to Interwaste where they were weighed and a wheelchair was given to Agnes.

“We had to provide a charity and then all the necessary paperwork needed to be completed,” said Noelene.

Agnes said she decided to help Little Eden again because many of its residents don’t have family members to rely on.

“I want to try to fill the role of the residents’ mother, sister or even granny,” said an emotional Agnes.

“They are part of our community so if we don’t help them who will.”

In addition to helping the society, Agnes hopes to inspire others to lend a hand where they can.

“As I get older I realise that I might need assistance. I hope someone would help me if I needed it,” she said.

Agnes said because of her age she does not know if she will continue collecting bottle tops.

Although she is tired she knows she will assist the community somehow.

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