Increasing economic pressure on Edenvale child welfare leads to pleas for help from community

Child Welfare SA – Edenvale has appealed to the community to lend a hand and support the organisation.

The non-profit organisation (NPO) established in the mid-1950s works in partnership with the Department of Social Development.

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It provides services to both the Edenvale and Bedfordview areas.

Although the NPO has been running for decades, increasing economic pressure has called for greater support from the community.

Pieter le Roux, the chairperson of the organisation, said he has met community members who never knew about it.

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“Some people I have bumped into thought we had closed down,” said Pieter.

Nicki van der Walt, the vice-chairperson of Edenvale Child Welfare South Africa next to Pieter le Roux, chairperson of the organisation.

“We are still here and plan to be here for a long time.”

Nicki van der Walt, the vice-chairperson of the organisation, said following the increasing economic pressure, the NPO has had to make more use of fund-raising.

She said because of the lack of funding, the child welfare has run into a few challenges.

“We are not a company and rely heavily on donations to keep us going,” she said.

Nicki said the fund-raising activities which the organisation has hosted this year have been successful.

“There is a huge demand and we only have limited resources,” she said.

“If anyone could give up their time to assist with fund-raising it would be greatly appreciated.”

Pieter said the average running cost of the organisation is R90 000 per month.

He said the Department of Social Development does provide some funding but not enough to cover all costs.

The monthly costs cover salaries, electricity, general maintenance and the maintenance and petrol of vehicles.

In addition to an increase in financial strain, the workload of the organisation has increased as well.

He said on average the three social workers spend three or four mornings at court dealing with cases.

“There are various causes for the number of cases to increase,” said Pieter.

He said the main reason was that of custody cases.

In addition to working with the courts, SAPS and the Department of Social Development, the organisation works closely with the schools in the area.

“Children often need counselling, they deal with a lot more nowadays,” said Nicki.

Pieters urged community members and businesses to invest in child welfare.

With the assistance and the support the organisation receives it will be able to continue assisting the community.

Contact Child Welfare SA – Edenvale on 011 452 5940/1 or

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