Ia Crous recreates memories through painting

Ia Crous enthralled Paint & Palette Group members on August 18 at the Edenvale Community Centre with her demonstration of an abstract painting in oils.

She had no concept to start with, just new and past memories she used, relating to the relevant colour.

Crous used a memory where her husband gave her a yellow flower for luck in the morning.

Another where they had driven up from Bloemfontein and seen a storm brewing.

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She also used a memory on arriving in Edenvale where they went to De Molen Backery and had “poffertjies” and coffee.

Each experience was shown on the canvas with a very specific swish of the palette knife and a colour that Crous linked to the experience.

She explained how every colour has positive and negative emotion attached to it.

For example, red can be for love or anger, blue can be for calm or storms.

White is her color of anger.

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Her technique is fast and furious and the painting was completed in 30 minutes, inspiring most of the Paint & Palette members to want to rush off home and try out her technique.

The painting ended up being a bowl of flowers, a perfect end to a stunning demonstration.

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