Retirees have spring dinner

Jeppe Quondam Retirement Village residents were recently treated to a feast to mark the end of winter and the start of a new season.

This annual celebration was held at the village’s community centre, where residents spent a pleasant evening enjoying good food and good company.

New to the Quondam Retirement Village community, Geoff and Jill Otter enjoyed their first event at the Village’s community centre.

Jorge Figueirinha, Malcolm Pressman and Arthur Simpson enjoyed the merriment and laughter at Quondam Retirement Village’s annual dinner, a special gathering for residents to celebrate the start of spring.

Quondam Retirement Village residents Dianne Ehinger and Bev Clark celebrated the start of spring.

Lyn Stewart and Roxanne Cantaridis joined Quondam Retirement Village manager Liz Figueirinha for a special dinner at the Village’s community centre.

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