#GiveResponsibly at Bedford Chapel and help those in need (VIDEO)

The launch of #GiveResponsibly campaign by Edenvale and Bedfordview stakeholders to address concerns about beggars, put the spotlight on charities to support in the local areas.

#GiveResponsibly was launched after Child Welfare SA – Edenvale warned community members in the August 29 edition of the NEWS that beggars often rent children to gain sympathy from the community.

Volunteer Kabelo Ntai takes down details of registered members who collect food parcels.

Bedfordview boasts several charities where residents can #GiveResponsibly to those in need.

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The Bedford Chapel runs a programme, The Lord’s Storehouse, where they hand out food parcels every Wednesday.

Margie Durrheim from Bedford Chapel said the main work of the ministry is to distribute food parcels to about 100 people every Wednesday.

“We try to determine how best to respond to the needs of the community,” said Margie.

Wednesday food parcels include some of the items seen here.

She said recipients of food parcels come from informal settlements in Germiston, Cleveland and Denver.

Margie said each food parcel consists of 1kg maize meal, 215g pilchards, 400g baked beans and a packet of soup.

The cost of each food parcel is R25 which totals R10 000 per month.

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All funds are donated by the congregation of Bedford Chapel.

Bedford Chapel experiences an overwhelming response from the needy and cannot give to everyone.

Kabelo Ntai and Therese Ngoie volunteer their time every Wednesday at the Bedford Chapel to hand out food parcels.

“We thus register recipients and issue a registration card to keep.”

Margie said Reddam House learners help out by making sandwiches which are handed out along with food parcels.

“If there are enough sandwiches, the rest are handed out to those who are not registered,” said Margie.

Bedford Chapel also collects additional funds to buy blankets and items for Christmas during December.

Bars of soap and body lotions are added to the donations from the congregation of Bedford Chapel when available.

They also collect clothing and the needy can choose five items from what is available.

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Bedford Chapel is currently in need of men’s shoes, sizes eight and nine.

Volunteers Kabelo Ntai and Therese Ngoie hand out the parcels every Wednesday and have formed a bond with recipients.

The volunteers pack the food parcels.

“I want to help people, I want to be part of something good,” said Therese.

“We need to volunteer because there is nobody else to do it,” said Kabelo.

To support this initiative and add to the #GiveResponsibly campaign, contact Bedford Chapel on 011 616 7201 or email on bedfordchapel@worldonline.co.za

Bedford Chapel is situated at 4 Bradford Road, Bedfordview.

All who receive parcels are delighted and grateful as they travel some distance from surrounding areas and informal settlements.


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