Constas now leads RAG

Well-known Bedfordview resident Marina Constas is the new chairperson of the Bedfordview Residents Action Group (RAG).

Constas grew up in Kensington and has lived in Bedfordview for the past 15 years. She intends to remain in the community.

“I enjoy Bedfordview. It is a place where you can relax. It has a coffee shop feel, with a community that is very close-knit,” said Constas.

Constas is a director at BBM Attorneys and has been for the past 21 years.

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She was involved with the Bedfordview Community Police Forum for 10 years, five of them as chairperson.

“The CPF is very different from RAG. The CPF is set up by government legislation and the police are tasked with creating a relationship with the community,” said Constas.

Constas said RAG is a private endeavour with 622 homes in Bedfordview having private response from RAG.

RAG has 60 guards around Bedfordview with their own vehicles.

“RAG is an NGO, but we do need to cover the expenses and we are linked to a private security company which works well for RAG,” said Constas.

She said RAG doesn’t involve political bureaucracy and is a private initiative that aims to make a positive difference in Bedfordview.

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“RAG is successful, it is managed excellently and I am particularly interested in their use of technology. RAG is a dynamic organisation,” said Constas.

“I want to keep the momentum of RAG going,” said Constas.

Constas wants to establish relationships with communities outside of Bedfordview and strengthen established relationships.

“My aim is to bring the crime rate down especially vehicle hijackings.

“I want to give Bedfordview residents peace of mind, I want to give them freedom,” said Constas.

Constas is also connected to the community of Bedfordview through her firm which does community schemes and she sits on the board of St Andrew’s School for Girls.

“I plan to utilise all networks with RAG.”

She has also co-written a book titled Demystifying Sectional Title.

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Constas urged the community to sign up to RAG which has different security packages to choose from.

“We need the community’s support,” said Constas.

She said although the structures are in place, RAG needs to grow and she plans to increase marketing.

Constas said that the previous chairperson Colin McKenzie was outstanding and put RAG where it is today.

She said that Bedfordview is an area that is on the go and she will not tolerate criminals.

“We aim to promote safety and security and I am ready for action,” said Constas.

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