Rand Water speak at The Household Consumers League

The Household Consumer League met on September 12 at the Bedfordview Library auditorium with guest speakers from Rand Water Water Wise.

Water Wise is Rand Water’s environmental brand.

Leslie Hoy, manager of environmental management services and Meagan Donnelly, coordinator of water-wise and research were invited to enlighten the league on water usage.

Members and visitors in the James Sadie Auditorium at the Bedfordview Library.

Hoy spoke about the current water situation and how to save water and gave safety tips.

“We can reduce the amount of water we use. You can also save money in your house and garden by using water wisely,” said Hoy.

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Hoy said the upcoming season temperatures will rise and told the league about ways to save water when gardening.

He said that climate change will impact how you go about gardening and that grey water can be used for gardening.

“It must be used within 24 hours as it gathers harmful bacteria.”

Chairman of the Household Consumers League Chloe Eilertsen speaks to the league.

Hoy also said tap water is safe to drink as Rand Water monitors the quality of the water.

“Be careful when using filters. If you use a filter you have to change it every three weeks as the filter gathers bacteria. You can end up polluting your own water,” said Hoy.

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The Household Consumer League meets once a month at the James Sadie Auditorium to discuss consumer issues.

The league also shares information from the South African Consumer Union about how to resolve problems.

Chairperson Chloe Eilertsen and secretary Ina Lizides address the Household Consumers League.

Members go on outings once a month and have guest speakers that talk on a range of topics related to consumer issues.

The meetings take place every second Wednesday of each month at 9.30am at the Bedfordview Library.

For more information contact secretary Ina Loizides on 083 352 0282 or 011 648 4729.

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