Jeppe School hosts reunion of the eights

Former learners from Jeppe High School for Girls attended the school’s reunion of the years that contain the number eight at the school on September 15.

The school’s public relations officer, Carole Heming, said there were three guest speakers at the occasion.

Class of 1998.

The guest speakers were Beverley Hall from the class of 1978, who shared her work in supply chain and ethics.

Di Thompson from the class of 1971 shared her life journey and her newly launched eau de parfum Dimanzi with everyone who attended the event.

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Yonita Marto from the class of 1992 spoke about the Jeppe Fun Run and why she started running.

Heming said the class of 1998 had the largest number of representatives.

Class of 2008.

“This was followed by the class of 2008 and 1978. We were also thrilled to have Pat Jarvis and Ann Ford from the class of 1948 and Jean Schutz who was principal at the school from 1974 to 1991,” she said.

VIPs and class of 1948.

Class of 1988.

Class of 1968.

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