Opinion articles

Reader calls out motorist for driving over cat

To the owner of this poor unfortunate cat, my heart goes out to you as you must be devastated that your precious companion did not arrive when you called their name this morning

Colleen Qvist motivates Caxton team

Caxton recently hosted a “Motivational Morning” for the East and South production, sales and digital teams. The keynote speaker for the morning was Colleen Qvist, who addressed the teams on “Oxygen Masks – What are you doing with yours?”

Should billboards be allowed on highways?

With the recent hullabaloo around the erection of an enormous billboard at Gillooly’s Farm and its distraction to road users, the NEWS asked residents if they thought billboards should be allowed on highways

We ask residents: Are you afraid of ageing?

With many women and men worldwide spending thousands on nips and tucks designed to defy the clock, the NEWS asked residents if they were afraid of ageing.

Discussing our roads

The NEWS asked community members in Edenvale CBD what their opinions were on Edenvale roads.